The Killingsworth was started on a sunny Summer day in Milwaukee, whilst Melanie Killingsworth was leaning against a wall and Mandy snapped a picture. Melanie liked it so much she did another pose or two like it, but it wasn’t officially recognized for a few months. It was officially christened when Jim went to New York; he found a wall and copied the pose, sending Melanie the picture captioned ‘the Killingsworth.’ The Killingsworth has since appeared everywhere from San Francisco to Afghanistan.

If you would like your picture to appear here, follow these simple guidelines and send submissions* to: doingthekillingsworth@gmail.com.

The Killingsworth is a pose wherein one gazes to one’s left whilst leaning against a wall fully either graffiti’d or poster’d.

*Submission implies permission for use and public display. The administrators reserve the right to not publish any picture for any reason, (though so long as you adhere to the guidelines and keep it at most PG13 it will likely be posted . . . sooner or later). The administrators will not use or sell your pictures for other purposes without express permission.

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